Tsugaru-han Neputa Village

A facility where you can experience the charm of Tsugaru in its entirety.

Visitors can experience the charms of Tsugaru in its entirety through exhibitions of Hirosaki Neputa, a corner for making goldfish Neputa, and live performances of Neputa music and Tsugaru Shamisen.

There is also a corner where vegetables, apples, rice, and other produce are sold, as well as a corner where crafts are sold. 

Fee-based tour area (30-45 minutes)

Visitors can see a 10-meter-high large-scale neputa and a life-size neputa exhibit that allows them to see the framework of the inside of the neputa, experience a musical performance with flutes and drums, and watch crafts such as Tsugaru kites and Tsugaru lacquerware being made in a rice warehouse from the era of the feudal government, which is designated as a quaint building by Hirosaki City, and enjoy live performances of Tsugaru shamisen music every day.

Visitors can also tour the Japanese garden "Yoki-en," designated as a national monument, and the teahouse "Yoki-an," a cultural asset of Hirosaki City. The garden is a unique Tsugaru-style garden in the Oishi Bugaku school, with a borrowed landscape of Mt.

Experience (see website for details)

Visitors can try their hand at various crafts, including painting goldfish neputa (1,500 yen), Tsugaru kite painting (1,300 yen), apple clay bell painting (1,500 yen), and Tsugaru pottery clay crafting (1,500 yen).

Shopping (no admission fee required)

In addition to antenna stores selling processed agricultural, forestry, and fishery products, souvenirs, and handicrafts from the prefecture, there are also direct sales stores of apples, vegetables, and other products sold by JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives), as well as stores selling hand-baked rice crackers.

On Sunday mornings (6:30-7:30) from June to October every year, a morning market is held where vegetables and fruits from Aomori Prefecture are sold. (Please check the website for details.)

●Dining (no admission fee required)

You can dine at "Tsugaru Umaiya", a "Tsugaru Culinary Heritage Store" that serves home-style dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation for the people living in Tsugaru. Groups of up to 200 people can be accommodated.

(Information as of September 30, 2023)

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