Kaminoyama Onsen

Kaminoyama Onsen

Enjoy a healthy trip with walking and a hot spring! A hot spring district to please both your mind and body

Kaminoyama Onsen is known as one of the "three pleasure resorts of Ou" along with Higashiyama Onsen and Yunohama Onsen.

There are two areas with completely different atmospheres: the Niiyu, Yumachi, and Tokamachi areas, where samurai residences, warehouses, and other remnants of the castle town of the Kaminoyama clan and inn towns along the Hashu Highway remain, and the Hayama, Kawasaki, and Takamatsu areas, which are located on high ground with an excellent view overlooking the Zao mountain range.

The clear, colorless, refreshing water is said to be gentle enough for even babies to enjoy.

The water is said to be effective in retaining heat and moisture, and is also known as the "hot water of beauty.

Enjoy the hot springs not only at the inns where you stay, but also at the inns, public bathhouses, and footbaths where you can take a one-day trip.

Health tourism is also popular, as it allows visitors to experience all three major elements of health promotion: exercise, nutrition, and rest.

The only one of its kind in Japan, there are 8 walking courses in 5 locations certified by the University of Munich in Germany.

Even beginner walkers can feel comfortable participating in the daily programs led by full-time guides.

Look for rare birdsong and plants, cool your arms with spring water, and so on. Playing with nature will heal your mind.

After exercising, nourish your body with delicious food made from locally grown seasonal ingredients.

Once your stomach is full, take a rest in a hot spring and your body will be refreshed for sure!

Quaalto: A health resort or sanatorium that uses natural remedies such as hot springs, mud, steam, sunlight, and clean air derived from the soil. In Germany, natural therapy is also covered by medical insurance.

General Information

●Please use a taxi or courtesy car to each ryokan (Japanese inn) after getting off at JR Kaminoyama Onsen Station
●Approx. 45 minutes by car from Yamagata Airport
●Approx. 10 minutes by car from Kaminoyama Onsen IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway
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