Kaminoyama Onsen

Enjoy a healthy trip with walking and a hot spring! A hot spring district to please both your mind and body

Kaminoyama Onsen is called one of the three top hot springs in Ou together with Higashiyama Onsen and Yunohama Onsen. There are two areas to this hot spring that have completely different appearances. One of these is the Shinyu, Yumachi and Tokamachi area. This is where you can still find the vestiges of a castle town of the Kaminoyama Domain and a post town of the Ushu Highway (e.g., samurai residences and kura (storehouses)). The other is the Hayama, Kawasaki and Takamatsu area. This is an area with outstanding views that stands quietly on elevated ground overlooking the Zao Mountain Range.

The colorless, transparent and thin hot water has a gentle spring quality. It is said that even babies can take a bath in it with peace of mind. This water has a high heat and moisture retention effect. Therefore, it is also called the hot water of beautiful people. Why don't you enjoy hot springs to your heart's content by touring ryokan (Japanese inns) where you can bathe on a day trip, public baths and footbaths in addition to the ryokan where you are staying?

You can experience all of the three major elements of health promotion here - exercise, nutrition and rest. Therefore, health tourism is booming. There are also eight Kurort health walking courses in five places certified by the University of Munich in Germany - the only courses to be certified as such in Japan. Programs with dedicated guides are held every day on these courses. Therefore, even those who are beginners to walking can participate with confidence. Why don't you soothe your soul by relaxing in nature - search for unusual bird calls or plants and cool your arms with spring water? After exercising, replenish your nutrients by eating tasty foods made with seasonal ingredients sourced locally. You will be sure to refresh your whole body by taking a relaxing break in a hot spring once your stomach is full!

*Kurort: This refers to health and recuperation resorts that provide naturopathy with hot springs, mud and steam derived from the soil and sunlight, clean air and other elements of nature serving as the remedies. Naturopathy is also covered by medical insurance in Germany.

General Information

●Please use a taxi or courtesy car to each ryokan (Japanese inn) after getting off at JR Kaminoyama Onsen Station
●Approx. 45 minutes by car from Yamagata Airport
●Approx. 10 minutes by car from Kaminoyama Onsen IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway
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