Hyoko Lake


The lake famed for its impressive flock of swans elegantly flying overhead

Known as the lake of swans, Hyoko Lake has been designated a national natural treasure.

Flocks of swans reside here from early October to late March. Between 5,000 and 6,000 swans are here at their peak in late November. Tundra swans, Whooper swans and Mute swans can be seen and visitors can buy designated food for feeding each variety.

Early mornings and evenings are the best time to see the swans. There is also a viewing shed by the lake to keep visitors warm even on colder days.

The lake is surrounded with light pink cherry blossoms in spring while the surrounding grounds are covered with bright yellow Forsythias in bloom. Some swans live here year-round and visitors can see these along with ducks swimming elegantly together with cherry blossoms in the background.

General Information

30 minutes by foot or 5 minutes by taxi from "Suibara Station" on JR Uetsu Main Line
15 minutes by car from "Niitsu IC" on Ban-etsu Expressway
Car Park
Ordinary Vehicle: Available for 300 cars
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Swans can be seen from October to March


Agano City Commerce and Tourism Division, Agano City Park Management Office
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