Kotakigawa Jade Gorge

Kotakigawa Hisuikyo

Japan’s oldest jade-producing region within abundant natural surroundings

Located in Itoigawa, a region famous for its jade, Kotakigawa Jade Gorge is the leading producer of jade in Japan and has been designated as a national natural treasure.

Although it is prohibited to collect jade stones along the Hime River, you will see people searching for the precious stones at the shore of the Itoigawa coast – also known as the Jade Coast.

Generally polished to obtain a high lustre, the local jade has a naturally brilliant lustre as it has undergone polishing through the clear stream waters of the Hime River.

Kotakigawa Jade Gorge is located at the foot of the massive cliffs of Mount Myojo. The cliffs are a mecca for rock climbers and the scenery is exquisite with Mount Myojo in the background and the beautiful Takanami Pond nearby. The pond is the perfect place for a rest stop and there are restaurants and shops available.

Surrounding Kotakigawa Jade Gorge are walking trails, an observatory and the Jade Gorge Fishing Park giving visitors plenty to do in these natural surroundings!

Myoko, Joetsu

General Information

Opening Times
Open from late April to early November (closed during winter due to accumulated snow)
40 minutes by car from "Itoigawa IC" on Hokuriku Expressway (vehicles up to medium-size buses can pass.)
Car Park
Kotakigawa Jade Gorge Revetment Park: 20 car spaces available (a shuttle bus is available but no parking spaces for coaches)

Kotakigawa Jade Gorge Observation Deck: 15 car spaces available
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*Collecting jade stones is strictly prohibited in Kotakigawa Jade Gorge.


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