Model Course Model Course

“Hachimantai Dragon Eye”, Jodogahama, Ryusendo,
Matsushima, Sendai

  • Morioka 3N
  • Sendai 1N
Mid-May to early June
2Days 6,000yen,3Days 8,000yen 2Days 6,000yen,3Days 8,000yen
Numbers of tourist attractions and events in Japan are temporarily closed or cancelled due to the prevention of Coronavirus (Covid-19)
The information might change day by day, so we advise you to check their official websites before visiting.
"Michinoku Tour Information 9:00~" (Exchange voucher for "Tohoku Highway Bus Ticket (THBT)")
Sendai Airport (Bus stop ②) 9:40DptMatsushima-Kaigan Sta. 10:38Arr (Airport Bus "THBT" ¥1,000)
…(Storage your baggage at Matsushima-Kaigan Sta. the coin locker) …
Matsushima sightseeing (Preasure cruise, Godaido Temple, Entsuin Temple, Oysters lunch 11:00~15:00… Matsushima-Kaigan Sta. (Pick-up baggage)
Matsushima-Kaigan 15:12Dpt → Sendai 15:50Arr (JR Senseki Line ¥420)
Sendai Sta. (Bus stop 40) 16:30DptMorioka Sta. 18:57Arr (Express bus "THBT" ¥3,100)
Stay at a hotel in Morioka
Morioka Sta. (Bus stop ③) 9:10DptHachimantai summit 10:55Arr (Hachimantai nature walk bus "THBT" ¥1,300)
Hachimantai sightseeing ("Hachimantai Dragon Eye"…Mid-May to early June… & Nature walk & Lunch 11:00~12:50)
Hachimantai summi 13:00DptMatsukawa-Onsen 13:25Arr (Local bus ¥200)… Open-air bath bathing (13:30~14:30)
Matsukawa-Onsen 14:40DptHachimantai summi 15:05Arr (Local bus ¥200)…
Hachimantai summit 15:20DptMorioka Sta. 17:10Arr (Hachimantai nature walk bus "THBT" ¥1,300)
Stay at a hotel in Morioka
Morioka Sta. (Bus stop 7) 7:40DptMiyako Sta. 9:55Arr (106 Express bus "THBT" ¥2,030)
Miyako Sta. (Bus stop 3) 10:20Dpt → Jodogahama Visitor Center 10:33Arr (Local bus ¥180)…Jodogahama sightseeing (Preasure cruise, Lunch 10:40~12:30)
Oku-Jodogahama 12:40DptMiyako Sta. 13:02Arr (Local bus ¥220)…Miyako 13:15DptIwaizumi-Omoto 13:48Arr (Sanriku Railway ¥770)
Omoto Sta. (Bus Stop ②) 14:00DptRyusendo 14:26Arr (Local bus ¥620)…Ryusendo sightseeing (Ryusen-dong cave exploration 14:30~15:50) Ryusendo (Bus stop ②) 16:00DptMorioka Sta. 18:13Arr (JR Bus "THBT" ¥2,660)
Stay at a hotel in Morioka
Morioka Sta. (Bus stop 21) 8:10DptSendai Sta. 10:37 Arr (Express bus ¥3,100)…(Storage your baggage at Hotel)…
Sendai city sightseeing (Site of Sendai Castle, Ichibancho / One-day Loople Sendai Pass ¥630)
Stay at a hotel in Sendai

Tohoku Highway Bus Ticket

3Days Pass (8,000yen)
(from Nornal fare)

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