Hanamaki Onsenkyo

Hanamaki Onsenkyo

A variety of hot springs along a river surrounded by mountains

Hanamaki Onsenkyo consists of 12 hot springs allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of hot spring waters. From open-air baths facing mountain streams to hidden inns nestled along the river gorge, each hot spring has its own character and a range of accommodation options are available. Dai Onsen has a calm and nostalgic atmosphere, while Osawa Onsen has a rich history and open-air baths with breath-taking views. Onsen hopping is the perfect way to compare and find your favorite one!

Hanamaki is the hometown of Kenji Miyazawa, a great poet and writer of fairy tales and the town has a number of locations with connections to the author. The rose garden at Hanamaki Onsen fascinates visitors each season with its collection of over 450 types of roses in vast grounds of 16,500m2 and features a brilliant floral sundial designed by Miyazawa. Kamabuchi Waterfall along the Dai river appeared in one of his works and the surrounding trail is delightful to stroll around. Enjoy a leisurely walk just as Kenji did while listening to the murmuring streams!

The Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Museum and Miyazawa Kenji Fairy Tale Village are in the neighbourhood. There is also a museum dedicated to Kotaro Takamura, a renowned poet who loved Hanamaki.

Hanamaki Onsen is a one-hour drive from Chusonji Temple and Genbikei Gorge. Come and refresh yourself with a relaxing hot spring bath after a big day out!

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General Information

15-35 minutes by taxi or bus from Hanamaki Station on JR Tohoku Main Line
Hotel guests can use free shuttle bus services from JR Shin-Hanamaki Station (operates 3-4 times a day in the morning and evening, reservation required)
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