Chokai Plateau

Take a drive and head outdoors while feeling the refreshing wind of the plateau

Mt. Chokai is loved by mountain climbing enthusiasts as one of Japan's top one hundred mountains. The Chokai Plateau, which extends out at the southern foot of Mt. Chokai, is dotted with spots that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

The Chokai Plateau Line mountain road is perfect for driving. You will see a different appearance each time you visit - fresh green leaves in the spring, cool wind blowing in the summer, bright red leaves wherever you look in the fall and a snowscape across the whole area in the winter. Many people who enjoy trekking visit Tsuruma Pond on the way in the fresh green leaf season in May and the colored leaf season in October. You can look down at Tsuruma Pond from the nozoki viewing spot on the roadway. This is popular as a photograph spot.

After driving, take a break at Yunodai Onsen Chokai Sanso. You can see the summit of Mt. Chokai to the north and Mt. Gassan and the Sea of Japan to the south. It is an amazing location! The whole sky shines with stars at night. Why don't you appreciate the starry sky while soaking in an open air bath? After warming up in a hot spring, cool down with a drinkable yogurt made completely from freshly squeezed raw milk at the Chokai Plateau Ranch. It has a rich and mellow taste with a refreshing aftertaste. The restaurant in the building is also open for lunch. Its lunch dishes made with Chokai Plateau yogurt are popular.

The Chokai-Kogen Kazoku-Ryokomura is a popular facility for families. It is surrounded by a forest of beech trees. You can hear the songs of wild birds everywhere here. Why don't you have fun to your utmost with mountain stream fishing and adventure playground equipment? There are Japanese-style rooms and rooms with bunk beds made from wood inside the cabins in the accommodation facility. These rooms are fully equipped with cookware and a modular bath. This makes them popular with families and those who are new to camping. If you make a reservation, the ingredients for your dinner and breakfast will be prepared for you, so you can stay here without the need to bring anything with you. There is also a treehouse and campsite. Therefore you will want to come here if you wish to enjoy the great outdoors in earnest instead of in a cabin.

We recommend the Raptor Conservation Center (Chokai Golden Eagle Miraikan) for research projects in the summer vacation. You can learn about the ecology of golden eagles that this center is working to protect and the structure of their bodies. There are also events (e.g., craft experience workshops) held here in the summer vacation period.

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